“Whitewater”, whose name is influenced by their Maritime roots, have infused the Country Rock and Americana music genres to create their trademark sound. Journeyman musicians’ Brad White, Ryan Massey, Mike Frontin, Kevin Golding and Brad Trecartin are the quintessential energy of “Whitewater”.

Joshua Group Fundraiser

So pleased to be a part of the Joshua Group fundraiser next Sat Sept 20 to help them finalize their facility on 85 Peacock Lane off Sandy Point Road. Concert will be held right at the facility with several great bands and BBQ.12-7. We’re on at 4pm.

Check out the Joshua Group at:


NB day event announced- Saint John Boardwalk


Whitewater to play Saint John Boardwalk- Sat Aug 2, 8pm

Whitewater plays Harley Rally

CBC Searchlight contest- Vote for Whitewater!

St Paddy’s Day event. Gonna be a great one!!! Tickets now on sales

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