“Whitewater”, whose name is influenced by their Maritime roots, have infused the Country Rock and Americana music genres to create their trademark sound. Journeyman musicians’ Brad White, Ryan Massey, Mike Frontin, Kevin Golding and Brad Trecartin are the quintessential energy of “Whitewater”.

New Years Eve 2015

Whitewater New Years Poster5-2015

Here’s a Shout Out to those stations playing “Shores of Home” around the globe


Radio Play

-CBC Radio 3 NB & various Provinces
-CKO Radio 107.3 Moncton
-101.9 The Fox,North Bay
-100.5 KiSS, North Bay, Ontario
-Country 600 CKAT Ont
-dj Nicole Playlist, Kapuskasing, Ontario
-CFTA 107.9 FM in Amherst NS
-P.E.I.’s Homegrown Atlantic Radio with Blair Dewar

-89.9 FM- Hawksebury
-96.3 Queensland

New Zealand
Oamaru Heritage Radio
New Zealand Country Music Radio
The Peaks Radio
Twizel Radio

94.0 FM Peelstar Country Club
EAGLE 107.9 FM
Omroep Helmond, 107.2
Centraal FM Radio, 91.1
Atos RTV Zwijndrechtese Waard 106.1
FM 87.5 on cable.

98.8 Castle FM
The Music Machine Scotland

US Internet Radio
Triplestrand Country Radio show- Various states
The Country Gold Jukebox- Various States (Based in NY)

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New Single Release- Shores of Home


Press Release

New Brunswick based “Whitewater Band”, whose music is influenced by their Maritime roots, have released their latest song “The Shores of Home”. This song highlights the mass exodus of workers from Atlantic Canada that have migrated to the Alberta oil fields to find work over the past 5 years. Families from Atlantic Canada that are commuting back and forth to Alberta for work …4000 miles away. There is hardly a person in New Brunswick that has not been affected by family members working or commuting in Alberta.

Band Members include: Brad White; Ryan Massey; Mike Frontin; Kevin “Beat” Golding & Bradford Trecartin. Also featured on the recording is Paul Owen.

The “Whitewater Band” released their first full length album “Many Roads” in 2013, with the single “Unpredictable” receiving radio play across Canada. Included on the “Many Roads” album were Jamie Williams, Matt O’Connor (now living in Alberta), Carol Perry and award winning keyboardist Dan Cutrona. Several songs from Many Roads were featured in the movie “The Divorce” by Let Em Laugh productions. The band received a Music NB nomination for the album.

The “Shores of Home” was produced and engineered by multiple award-winning producer Paul Milner (JUNOS, SOCAN & ECMA’s).The vibe on the “Shores of Home” was influenced by Shell Lane Studios, with its seaside setting and turn of the century farmhouse, located in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Available at the following links:









“Shores of Home” release Feb 23rd

The “Shores of Home” will be released on Feb 23rd on iTunes.. This is the first recording since the “Many Roads” full album release in 2013. The “Shores of Home” was produced by Shell Lane Studios.

Shores of home

Whitewater band Shores of Home

Back in the Studio for the “Shores of Home”

The Whitewater Boys are back in the studio recording the upcoming song “Shores of Home”. We are pleased to be once again recording at Shell lane studios in Prince Edward Island with award wining producer Paul Milner. We look forward to releasing this new song about families that have loved ones working 4000 miles away in Alberta.





THIS IS LAST YEARS EVENT SCHEDULE A RECAP OF 2014.  GO TO EVENTS TAB for 2015 EVENTS SCHEDULE. We played almost 60 gigs in 2014, thanks to all the people that attended our shows and the great venues that just keep booking us. 2015 will be an even better year. You can check out future shows at https://www.facebook.com/groups/220201021372528/

Here’s a list of gigs from 2014:

Jan 9 Vitos Acoustic with Carol Perry 8-10

Jan 18 Acoustic with Carol Perry Private function Shriners.

Feb 6 Vitos acoustic with Carol Perry 8-10

Feb 8 Barnwood

Feb 13 Noodles Grand Bay Acoustic with Carol Perry  7-9

Feb 15 Fish and Brew

Feb 22 Barnwood acoustic with Carol Perry  3-7

Feb 27 Noodles Grand Bay brad white and Carol Perry 8-10

March 6th  Acoustic with Carol Perry at Vito’s Rothesay

March 8 Barnwood

March 13 Acoustic 3 Mile Tavern with Mike Frontin

March 15  ST Pattys Dance Irish Stew Dinner and Dance.

March 20  Acoustic with Carol Perry Noodles lounge Grand Bay 8-10

March 27 acoustic Noodles with Carol Perry 9-11

April 10 Vito’s acoustic with Carol Perry 8-10

April 12 Fish and Brew

April 17 Acoustic 3 Mile with Brad white &  Mike Frontin

April 24  Noodles Grand Bay  acoustic with Carol Perry

May 10 69 Legion (down) (outcast league) 9:30-1:30

May 24 no gig

May 29  Vito’s acoustic with Carol Perry

June 21 Fish and Brew

June 21 Acoustic Oak Point

June 28 Wedding- Ray & Renatta

July 17 Thurs 8-10 Vito’s acoustic with Carol Perry

July 18 Friday  5pm Eldridges Hog Ralley outdoor gig

July 19 Outdoor Gig Red head

July 24 Noodles Acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

July 26 Harry and Dawn (acoustic only)

July 31  Noodles Acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Aug 2 NB Day on the Saint John Boardwalk

Aug 14 Noodles acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Aug 16 Fish and Brew

Aug 21 vito’s acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Aug 23 Rock on the Rock. Floatilla for Life event. Bellisle Bay

Sept 11 Noodles Brad Acoustic

Sept 18 Noodles Acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Sept 20 Joshua Group Fundraiser

Sept 25 Noodles Acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Oct 2 Vito’s Acoustic with Carol Perry. 9-11

Oct 4 barnwood Acoustic with Scott Mullin

Oct 5 Music awards- Bleachers Sports Bar

Oct 16 Noodles Acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Oct 23 Noodles Acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Oct 24 Barrells Head with Wayne Hanson

Nov 13th Vito’s acoustic with Carol Perry  Corpr

Nov 20  Noodles acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Nov 22 Hollywood STAR ROOM

Nov 28 The Grove Lounge 9-1

Nov 30 Sunday Barnwood acoustic – fundraiser

Dec 4 Noodles acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Dec 6 Fish and Brew

Dec 11 Noodles acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Dec 13 Barnwood

Dec 18 Noodles acoustic with Carol Perry 9-11

Dec19 Worksafe NB acoustic

Dec 31 New Years Eve – 3 Mile

Places to check out the saint John music scene.

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Giraffe Cycle is a great site that shows off music from the Saint John music scene.



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